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Heartworm & Flea Prevention: San Antonio Pets & Vets

May 10, 2018
Pet Care Information

Have you ever forgotten to give your dog his monthly heartworm prevention? You are not alone!! Heartworm disease incidence has increased by more than 20% over the last 3 years! As you can see from this infographic, San Antonio is in the heart of high incidence territory. Proheart 6 is an awesome option to help […]

Heatstroke: San Antonio Pets & Vets

May 8, 2018
Pet Care Information

As summer quickly approaches, San Antonians find ways to spend time outdoors to play and mingle….and of course we want to bring Fido with us to share in the good times!!! With San Antonio temperatures reaching the triple digits and high humidity, it is easy to forget about how our beloved dogs are made and […]

What exactly IS dental disease??

May 31, 2017
Pet Care Information

Does your pet suffer from bad breath? Bad breath can be a sign of a more serious problem such as dental disease. While cavities tend to be the most common dental problem in humans, pets tend to get tartar build up on their teeth, which can lead to irritation of the gums, exposure of the […]

Texas Rescue Groups

May 26, 2017
Pet Care Information

Here at Acorn Hill Animal Hospital, we are proud to work with: Texas German Short Haired Pointer Rescue    Weimaraner Rescue of Texas  If you would like more information or to contact either rescue, follow the links above to their respective websites. Thanks

Have an itchy dog?

April 19, 2017
Pet Care Information

Have an itchy dog? Does your dog suffer from Canine Atopic Dermatitis? Tried all of the pills and sprays that just don’t seem to offer relief long enough? Try the new Injectable CYTOPOINT!  “Cytopoint is an innovative new therapy that targets itch at its source to help relieve the signs of atopic dermatitis in dogs […]

Location! Location! Location!

November 1, 2016
Pet Care Information

With the completion of Wurzbach Parkway, this has opened up a whole new area for us. We are an easy 10 minute drive on Wurzbach Parkway from NW Military Drive. This allows us to easily serve everyone in that area and zip codes. If you have any questions, please call us at (210) 654-7117. Thanks

Itchy Dogs!

July 29, 2016
Pet Care Information

Does your dog do the Itchy Dog Dance? While this video may be comical, when you have to see (and hear) your little furbaby constantly scratching or licking at themselves, it can be frustrating, not to mention problematic for the dog! Introducing Hills Derm Defense, which is formulated to help strengthen the skin barrier and […]

Happy Fourth of July!

July 1, 2016
Pet Care Information

We’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July! As a reminder, the clinic will be closed this Monday July 4th in observance of Independence Day. If your pets are in need of any refills of medication and/or food, please call us today to pick those up. We are here our usual […]

Flea Control

May 23, 2016
Pet Care Information

Fleas are gross! And sometimes bad for human health. Random fact: Did you know the CDC reports there are an average of 7 cases of human plague diagnosed in the United States per year? Obviously that’s a tiny number of individuals affected and nothing like Medieval times, but it is still around! Fleas and rodents […]