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Coral Snakes Continued: San Antonio Pets & Vets

At Acorn Hill Animal Hospital, our compassionate team of veterinarians and veterinary support staff put great value on educating our clients about the care and safety of their pets. We believe that educating our clients helps to make the best veterinary care available for your dogs and cats. While we don’t claim to be experts on reptilian medicine, we would like to give a brief overview of coral snakes and their primary safety concerns.

Let’s start this conversation by saying that this coral snake (yes, very alive the other day in my garage in San Antonio) really did have gorgeous colors and markings. However, we do keep our kids toys just feet from where he was trapped. I am grateful this is how I found the coral snake rather than my children or Sugar (my Golden Retriever) managing to find the mouth end of this guy.

Coral snakes have small mouths and small fangs that deliver venom. Coral snakes require a chewing motion to bite and deliver venom. This is opposed to a rattlesnake that bites with his filthy fangs, shoves bacteria and possibly venom into you and your dog’s body, and then moves on his happy way. Coral snake venom is extremely neurotoxic and causes respiratory failure and death. Thank goodness they are not effective biters and not efficient at delivering venom to their target. And, as is the case with many snakes (exception to rattlesnakes), coral snakes are reported to not be aggressive.

Considering how high my blood pressure spiked, it is somewhat difficult to process the next statement – “most snakes are more afraid of us than we are of them.” So heads up now that it’s summer in San Antonio. Be careful when you and your pets are hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors.

We will discuss rattlesnakes and the “rattlesnake vaccine” in future veterinary care blog posts. At Acorn Hill Animal Hospital, we strive every day to provide the best veterinary care available in San Antonio. Until then, if there is any veterinary care we can provide, please contact us at Acorn Hill Animal Hospital today!

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