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Resurgence of Fleas: San Antonio Pets & Vets

Fleas, ugh!

So many San Antonio “indoor-only” dogs and cats visiting our veterinary clinic in the last 2 weeks have been covered in fleas. Most of their owners had no idea this was occurring until we showed them the fleas and the flea poop all over their dogs and cats.

Late in the year for a resurgence of flea infestations…

With the unprecedented rainfall followed by our famous South Texas heat and humidity, the fleas are having an absolute heyday.

Get out ahead of the problem, call us today to get the best advice, best treatments, and the best prices for flea control!

Most of these clients we are counseling on flea control have never had flea infestations before; therefore, have never really needed flea preventatives. These families had absolutely no idea their homes were falling victim to fleas.

We are seeing 5 fleas to over a 100 fleas on so many dogs and cats that are not on effective flea treatments. And no, the greasy topicals from the pet store or grocery store cannot hold a candle to what we can offer in our San Antonio veterinary hospital.

Remember, for every 5 fleas seen on your dog, there are 95 in the ground (aka carpet, rugs, upholstery). The 95 in the ground are not adult fleas; they are larva, maggots, pupa. Many of these in the carpet are not responsive to “flea bombs”, etc. So during a consult, when we find 50 fleas on your dog, there are hundreds of fleas waiting for you at home!

I believe the ratio of fleas in the ground is much higher with a cat since the feline is such a prolific groomer. Your cat will ingest many of those 5 fleas on his body. Therefore, for every 2 fleas on your cat, there are probably 95 fleas in the carpet. Do that math when we find 10 fleas on Sylvester!

Get out ahead of the problem, call our San Antonio office today at (210) 654-7117 to get the best advice, best treatments, and the best prices for flea control!

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