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Services & Procedures

Annual Wellness Visit, Vaccinations and Testing >

Not all pets have the same needs.  Here at Acorn Hill Animal Hospital, we will tailor a vaccination protocol to meet your pet’s unique requirements based on lifestyle and stage of life. more >


Surgery – Soft tissue & Orthopedic

We are happy to perform most elective and non-elective procedures in our clinic. Dr. Powell is experienced with the more common procedures such as spays, neuters, declaws, and lump (mass) removals. He is also able to offer more advanced procedures such as cystotomies (bladder stone surgery), splenectomies, foreign body removals, exploratory laparotomies, biopsies, and selected        orthopedic procedures.

We are pleased to work with Texas Specialty Veterinary Services to offer practical, in-house solutions for even our most complicated surgical patients.



One of the most important reasons for a thorough annual or bi-annual physical examination. Many of our patients have undiagnosed or untreated dental disease. “But Doc, he’s not having any trouble eating.” Even if an animal is eating well and maintaining adequate body weight, it doesn’t mean he or she is not suffering from infected or painful teeth. We find many feline patients with apparently normal teeth that upon closer examination during our comprehensive physical examination will have a very painful FORL (Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesion). This is a name for a feline cavity that forms near the gumline and requires an extraction to relieve the source of the pain.

As most people are well-informed regarding their own dental health, our pet owners understand that an infection in the mouth is a source of bacteria that can cause a host of problems in the rest of the body. A thorough dental cleaning (similar to that performed by a dental hygienist) and sometimes extractions and antibiotics are needed to resolve these infections.

Dr. Powell has recently acquired an in-house dental x-ray machine. This allows Dr. Powell and the staff to take pre-operative x-ray images once your pet is safely under anesthesia to look for any infection, fractures/broken teeth, and potential abscesses under the gum line.

We offer exceptional pricing for the high quality dental procedures we perform. Commonly referred to as “dentals,” these are anesthetic procedures performed every day in our hospital. Following the procedure, we will send you home with a comprehensive chart of exactly what was found and performed during the “dental”. Call us today to discuss your pet’s dental care. We do ask that you schedule a pre-operative exam with Dr. Powell prior to the procedure to discuss your pet’s options and determine if anesthesia is appropriate for your pet. See our notes on anesthesia to see how we provide excellent care for your pet during anesthesia and upon recovery.


Anesthesia and Pain Management >

Dr. Powell and his team tailor an anesthetic regimen based on the needs of each pet. We are also happy to discuss your pet’s post-operative needs. more >



We are pleased to offer a microchip called Save This Life. When scanned, the microchip number is able to be searched from Google where the information you have chosen to provide will be presented. Lifetime registration is included in the cost of the microchip and we will complete the registration for you, so you don’t have to.

While we are easily able to administer this chip while the patient is awake, this is often performed while the patient is under anesthesia for their spay or neuter as it is a large gauge needle that is used to insert this chip under the skin. The needle is similar in size to the needle used when you donate blood.

Save This Life More Information


Comprehensive Internal Medicine and Sick Pet Visits

We are proud to provide comprehensive care to our patients. We work hard to make you to feel comfortable and trust us with your pets when they are not doing well. Acorn Hill Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital. In addition to the annual well-pet visits and surgeries, we enjoy going the extra mile to help your pet regardless of how difficult the disease may be. The following services can be provided to help with these cases.


We are able to keep pets in our hospital and maintain treatments as needed. This is certainly a topic that is addressed on a patient to patient basis. We hope you do not have to utilize this side of our facility, but rest assured, we’re here when you need us.


Laboratory In-House

Blood Chemistry

Fecal Analysis (Ova & Parasite Screen): We use an outside laboratory to analyze your pets fecal sample for intestinal parasites (hookworms, roundworms, whipworms) and certain kinds of bacterial overgrowth.

Heartworm Tests


Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FeLV/FIV)


Radiology (X-ray) & Diagnostic Imaging

We are proud to offer advanced Digital Radiography. This provides us with high-quality X-ray images in only minutes. This also means that with complicated cases, we are able to transfer radiographs to a boarded radiologist for interpretation; we can usually have this valuable specialist consult by the end of the day.

With only a few days notice, an ultrasound can be performed in-house with experienced ultrasonographer Dr. Marty Henderson and his associates

Many more tests are offered that may not be available in the hospital.


Pharmacy – Medications and Pet Products

We are a one-stop shop and maintain a fully stocked in-house pharmacy.  And, we now offer an online pharmacy for your convenience!  Just click on the link above to get started!  We offer competitive prices to other online retailers and best of all, you can sign up for Autoship!


Prescription Veterinary Diets

We believe that a healthy diet is key to maintaining a healthy, happy pet. These are also used to complement our treatment for many common diseases – Gastrointestinal, Dermatological, Obesity management and prevention. Ask our experienced team how we can provide a more thorough treatment plan with Veterinary Diets.

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