We are a comprehensive veterinary medical facility offering the most valuable and advanced care available!

San Antonio Pet Wellness

An annual comprehensive pet wellness exam with our San Antonio veterinarians is much more than “just give ‘em shots, doc”. This comprehensive physical examination is

Pet Vaccinations

We believe in the judicious use of vaccinations to help prevent contagious disease in our pet population. Ask about our $15 discount when vaccinations are

Laser Therapy

Drug-free pain management and improved healing! Laser Therapy has innumerous applications in human and veterinary medicine. Acute and chronic pain, arthritis, herniated disks, wound care,


We have a complete in-house laboratory suite and digital (CR) radiology to provide rapid answers for your pets with critical needs. Make an Appointment


Anesthesia is a stressful subject for many pet owners. We utilize multi-modal anesthesia and operate the most state-of-the-art equipment to help provide a safe and


From spays & neuters to orthopedics and emergency splenectomies, we can perform most surgical procedures in our full-service hospital. Make an Appointment


In our dental suite, we can fully evaluate your pet’s dental health with our digital dental x-rays. We perform routine dental cleanings as well as

Internal Medicine

Diabetes, Adrenal Disease, Hypothyroidism, Hepatitis, Congestive Heart Failure, Auto-immune diseases… Our veterinarians and staff will walk with you every step of the way to establish


Our San Antonio hospital provides comprehensive treatment and management for allergies and itchy pets to include allergy testing. Treatments include sytemic, non-pharmaceutical/biologic and topical treatments.

Heartworm / Flea

Allow our doctors and well-trained staff to help you select the best and most practical preventatives for you and your pets. Monthly chewies, a 6-month

Puppy / Kitten

Probably our staff favorite! This is a crucial time for your new pet. Excellent medical care, healthy pet education, and arguably most importantly – behavior

Pain Management

STOP. Before you grab that aspirin for Fido or Sylvester, call us! Our team is experienced and well-trained in veterinary pain management. Whether it’s a

Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm disease is scary; the cost of treatment does not have to be! We want to help your dog (or your cat) recover from heartworm


You probably don’t speak dog or cat. Maybe that’s why your pets are “acting out”. We want to help you and your pets live in

Emergency Care

In the unfortunate event, we are trained and equipped to evaluate, stabilize and treat your patient on an urgent basis. In some situations, seconds count.

Compassionate End of Life

Your pet is special. No one understands that more than our team of veterinary professionals. We will always work to keep your pet comfortable. And


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