Emergency Care

In the unfortunate event, we are trained and equipped to evaluate, stabilize and treat your patient on an urgent basis. In some situations, seconds count.

Please note: We are only available for emergent and urgent care during our regular business hours. If your pet is critical or otherwise in distress, please seek emergency care at one of the locations listed on our site.

Emergency situations bring lots of human emotions. We will always do our best to balance medical objectivity for your pet and empathy for you and your family. Unfortunately, some decisions must be made very rapidly. Based on all information available, we will give you the best recommendations and care for your pet.

Many diagnostics and treatment options are available in our hospital. Of course your pets needs will dictate how we proceed. Please see our services page for all that our San Antonio veterinary hospital offers including; Diagnostics, Internal Medicine, Hospitalization, in-house Pharmacy, Anesthesia, Pain Management, Surgery, and when necessary Compassionate End of Life.