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Great question. Cannot definitively answer this one either. Lots of people discuss it as the fountain of youth for their pets, but as far as we are aware, there are no safety or efficacy studies performed in pets. Veterinarians are professionals and as such must make their recommendations based on science. And at this time, there is no science to support a formal recommendation.

Hmm. You can give your dog a lot of things, but officially and professionally – our answer is NO. The FDA and the Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners are not fans of CBD, at least not yet.

Healing – we have had great success with inducing rapid healing after surgeries.

We believe our Laser machine is the best in the business. It is a Type 3b laser which is incredibly safe and effective. We have the best veterinarians in San Antonio and much of our team has been trained by one of the foremost international professionals in the Laser Therapy industry. That training has helped us develop and deliver the best veterinary treatment protocols possible.

Think about how humans have sciatic pain. Their foot and leg hurts because their nerve is pinched near their spine. In plain English, we use the reverse of that to treat pain with the Low Level Light Therapy, something like a nerve block. We apply the laser to a similar location and we can work to block that nerve. The pain signal from an arthritic joint travels up the nerve. We are often able to calm that nerve before it joins the spinal cord and tells the brain about pain. We generally discontinue prescription NSAIDS while starting the Low Level Laser Therapy and can generally reduce or eliminate other prescription pain medications. Don’t let your dog or cat suffer from chronic pain anymore, schedule today to help your pet and see why we’re the best vet clinic in San Antonio.

The root of the word is Light, Life, Changing. The concept is that the Low Level Light penetrates into the body and stimulates living cells to change.
When light is focused at very precise wavelengths and at the proper cycle (Hz) and prescribed unit of time, it produces a significant anti-inflammatory effect on the cells. We can realize almost immediate anti-inflammatory effects and improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.
At a different application of cycle and time, we can begin to numb nerves in areas around the spine. Schedule an appointment with our veterinarians in San Antonio to discuss how we can help your pets!

LLLT – Low Level Light Therapy is an incredible, safe, drug-free treatment to help your pets heal faster and treat and control pain! This treatment modality is often termed as Low Level Laser Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy. It’s not actually cold, it generates a small amount of heat (it’s not a therapeutic delivery of heat). So Cold Laser is a bit of misnomer. We stick with LLLT or should really use the term PBM for Photobiomodulation.

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