Lead Veterinary Technician

Melissa is the lead veterinary technician at Acorn Hill Animal Hospital. She has worked with Dr. Powell since 2010 and has been with our hospital since it was purchased by Dr. Powell.

Melissa started with Dr. Powell as an entry-level kennel technician who self-described herself with “I love animals”. Her work ethic, continuing education, and on-the-job training has developed her into the excellent veterinary technician she is today. The lead technician’s ultimate role is ensuring our support staff delivers excellence in the care of our patients–whether they are in for a quick vaccination, an extensive hospitalization, or a surgical procedure. For obvious reasons, Dr. Powell’s common phrase in the hospital begins with, “Hey Mel…”.

Melissa lives in Uvalde with her dog Coco and her two cats Gary and Zooey. She enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, anything to do with makeup, and touring Austin when she gets the chance.

In the future, Melissa wants to attend school to learn more about the ins and outs of business.


4153 Acorn Hill San Antonio, TX 78217