Sugar, OCG

Sugar, OCG

Official Clinic Greeter

In her official capacity, Sugar serves as the Clinic Greeter. In doggie years, Sugar just celebrated her 77th birthday! She has chosen a slower pace these days and now “chills” in the treatment room. Her calm vibe serves to relax any pets or people that may not be having a great day.

See our Facebook posts and hospital blog for her pics from recent birthday celebrations and other Sugar posts – playing in the snow, being borrowed for costume parties, and attending clinic meetings, parties, and trainings.

Sugar enjoys sleeping, eating treats (or anything really remotely edible), and saying hello to everyone as they come in.

In 2008, Dr. Powell adopted Sugar as a 7 month old puppy. At that time, she had been surrendered to Texas A&M University with multiple congenital abnormalities and acquired medical conditions. She received very specialized surgical procedures and treatments to help control and manage her ailments. Over 10 years later, we still work daily to manage her medical conditions – and we think her quality of life is great!

Prior to her adoption, she had been neglected and was fearful of staircases, doorways, halls, leashes, and other dogs. Now, she helps to calm fearful pets. With years of love and attention, she has assimilated into a vital part our clinic culture.

It’s Sugar and pets like her who remind us daily why we come to work!


4153 Acorn Hill San Antonio, TX 78217