Do you see emergencies?

We absolutely see emergencies during normal business hours. An emergency gets treated exactly as such. Our veterinary technicians will triage your pet, have a veterinarian complete the evaluation, do our best to educate you on the situation, and begin treatments as rapidly as the pet’s family provides consent to perform diagnostics and treatment. We ask…

Do I need to make an appointment?

We sure prefer appointments. We absolutely see walk-ins, but if all of our veterinarians and staff are busy and your pet is not deemed to be in an emergency situation, we will ask you to wait for the next available provider – and sometimes that can take awhile. We respect everyone’s schedule and do our…

Why do you close for office meetings?

We constantly work to improve the total client and patient experience. We invest a great deal of resources into training our team to be the best vet clinic in San Antonio. We are often training on new techniques, treatments, and medications. We often work to develop better communication skills.

How many San Antonio veterinarians do you have?

We have 3 full-time veterinarians at our San Antonio vet clinic. Dr. Powell practiced as a sole provider until he hired Dr. Stephanie Horstmann in April 2017. Dr Nikki Lejeune joined the team in June 2019. With 3 full-time veterinarians, we can see your furry friend on very short notice.

How long have you been in San Antonio?

Acorn Hill Animal Hospital was established in the 1970’s. Dr. Don Johnson was the owner and veterinarian until his passing in 2010. Dr. Clint Powell purchased the veterinary hospital in 2011 and has worked ever since to make Acorn Hill Animal Hospital the best vet clinic in San Antonio

Are you a Mom and Pop business?

Yes. We are locally owned by Dr. Clint Powell who lives right here in San Antonio, Texas. We get to be the best vet clinic in San Antonio because we worry about families and their pets, not about answering to corporations and stockholders.