Dog and Cat Behavior in San Antonio

You probably don’t speak dog or cat. Maybe that’s why your pets are “acting out”. We want to help you and your pets live in harmony.

Inappropriate or unacceptable behavior is the #1 reason pets are surrendered or euthanized. Many of our clients come in describing “problems” at home. Oftentimes, pet training and pet behavior problems are 90% the person and only 10% the pet.

Read on below or schedule an appointment with us if you have concern about your pet’s behavior.

We want to identify behavior concerns as early as possible - before the cute puppy becomes the neighborhood terror. This is a part of almost every veterinary consultation/examination we perform; senior pets, adult pets, and especially at the puppy and kitten visits.

Nipping at fingers, jumping on you when you get home, urinating in the house, tugging on the leash. See our puppy/kitten page for more discussion on this subject.

Maybe it's more severe. Something like storm phobias, anxiety, or biting or aggression. Let’s discuss those ASAP and make sure there is not a medical concern causing those problems.

Perhaps it’s like the case of Bella who recently became much more edgy towards her furry housemate. We diagnosed musculoskeletal pain with Bella and initiated a comprehensive pain management plan. Now Bella feels good, is friendly with her housemate again, and her owner is empowered with the resources to keep Bella comfortable and happy!

kitten on top of gray blankets

Maybe it’s inappropriate urinations with your cat? We need to talk soon - you need to address that today! We need to start with a physical evaluation of her. We need to make sure she has no ear mites, fleas, dental pain (a common one), or orthopedic pain. We need to inquire extensively about possible stressors around the home. The problems you see could be indicative of a more severe disease such as FIC.

Fluffy belongs in your home. We want to nurture that precious bond between you and your pets. If you are noticing problems in home, call us today.