Our Veterinary Team

Our compassionate team of veterinarians and technicians will care for your pet as if it was their own! We strive to provide the best care at affordable prices. We’re never afraid to go the extra mile for your pet’s health needs!

Our Veterinary Support Team


Holly — Official Clinic Greeter

As of Halloween 2019, Holly has been our Official Clinic Greeter (OCG). Following in the paw prints of our beloved Sugar who crossed the rainbow bridge in late 2019 and was our inaugural OCG, Holly has made a lot of headway in greeting our clients as well as her predecessor. Stop in and say hello to Holly and our team today!


Amanda — Inventory Manager

Amanda’s analytical skills have transformed her into an efficient inventory manager of veterinary medicine. Born in Illinois, Amanda has always desired to become a forensic scientist. Spending most of her childhood and early 20’s in the Florida Gulf Coast, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science from the University of Central Florida. After being a preschool educator for 8.5 years, Amanda moved to the Lone Star State and joined Acorn Hill Animal Hospital as receptionist but was soon promoted to inventory manager due to her exceptional computing and analytical skills. Streaming binge-worthy shows, gardening, singing, and playing bass guitar are some of Amanda’s favorite ways to enjoy her free time.


Sarah — Veterinary Technician

Sarah is an exceptional veterinary technician who specializes in blood smears and radiographs. Raised in San Antonio, Texas, Sarah completed her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from St. Mary’s University in 2016. It was her passion, commitment and immense love for animals that led her to join the team at Acorn Hill Animal Hospital in 2017. In her free time, Sarah is fond of fishing, karaoke and spending time with her husband and canine companions.


Lauren — Veterinary Technician

Veterinary medicine has been a lifelong passion for Lauren. A native Texan, she attended James Madison High School and then embraced an ag-science program. Lauren is a pre-veterinary undergraduate student at Texas State University with a major in animal science and biology. While at home, Lauren enjoys activities like baking, recreating recipes, and tending to her garden. You will also find her watching one of her favorite shows, Grey’s Anatomy, when she is not studying.


Heidi — Customer Service Representative

Heidi is a team player born and raised in California before moving to Texas. A firm believer in high-quality client service, Heidi is well versed in daily veterinary operations and customer interactions. Although journalism was Heidi’s first career choice, she found client service very fulfilling. She is passionate about politics and history and her interest in these subjects has led her to volunteer towards saving historical monuments and joining local marches.