Dog and Cat Wellness Care in San Antonio

An annual comprehensive pet wellness exam with our San Antonio veterinarians is much more than “just give ‘em shots, doc.” This comprehensive physical examination is incredibly valuable in early detection and prevention of disease for your beloved dogs and cats. Our experienced veterinarians will perform wellness exams in order to prevent disease and illness in your dog or cat.

Your pet’s wellness exam will consist of a thorough overview of your pet’s health. You can expect your pet's veterinarian will examine his or her teeth, eyes, ears, skin, coat, stomach, neurological system, musculoskeletal system, as well as, have a listen at the heart and lungs. Any findings or cause for concern will result in a consultation to help get your pet healthy.

We recommend getting a yearly pet wellness exam in our San Antonio veterinary office to help avoid disease and catch any illness that might be affecting your pets health. Click below to make your pet’s next comprehensive wellness exam appointment.

comprehensive pet wellness exams san antonio veterinarian
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New Puppy or Kitten?
Congratulations on your new pet! Our wellness exams are designed to ensure your pet is strong and healthy and will help set the foundation for their long-term health.

The first two to six months are a critical period in your pet’s development. Young animals have weaker immune systems than adults and, as a result, are more susceptible to infection from diseases and parasites. Just as with human babies, puppies and kittens need to see their veterinarian on a more frequent schedule than do adult pets.

Whether purchased from a breeder, adopted from a rescue group, or acquired from a friend or family member, your new pet should get a physical on their first visit. Please bring a written record of any medical or vaccination history you received. We will also check for intestinal parasites, fleas, ear mites, and more. If possible, please bring a stool sample on your first visit to make this process easier.

We will also discuss housebreaking, training, feeding, and spaying or neutering. We will work with you to provide you and your family the support and tools necessary to help your new pet grow into a well-mannered, healthy, and happy dog or cat.

Permanent Identification with Microchipping

Tags scratch or fade and collars can come off - so make sure your pet has permanent identification in the form of a microchip in case he or she is ever missing.

Similar to a routine vaccination, one of our doctors injects a tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, between your pet's shoulder blades. No anesthetic is required as the process isn't painful. Any office or shelter with a ID scanner will wave it over your pet, read the unique ID, and you can be alerted that your pet has been found if your pet is ever lost.

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