Flea and Tick Prevention in San Antonio

Allow our doctors and well-trained staff to help you select the best and most practical preventatives for you and your pets. Monthly chewies, a 6-month injectable, or flavored tabs for dogs; safe, easy, effective topicals for cats…

We want to keep your pets healthy. You know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (thanks, Ben Franklin!). It is way easier (and cheaper) to prevent heartworm disease than to treat it. And it is way less icky to prevent a flea infestation than to find out about it after those boogers have set up shop in your carpet (and rugs and upholstery).

Most of our clients don’t even realize their dogs and cats have fleas until we see their pet in the veterinary clinic.

We have the team to support you, the warranties to rely on, and the prices to help you take the best care of your pets!