Dog and Cat Heartworm Treatment in San Antonio

Heartworm disease is scary; the cost of treatment does not have to be! We want to help your dog (or your cat) recover from heartworm disease. Our doctors and staff will help you understand the disease and help you find a way to treat your pet.

It is important to cure your pet. Understanding the disease process and the treatment options available for your pet is the first step. We will evaluate your pet’s general health status and discuss treatment options and the known success rates with each variable.

Rapid treatment for Heartworm disease

If your dog tested positive for adult heartworms, there are 6” worms attached to the greater vessels around the heart. When the heart beats, it moves blood at approximately 140 miles per hour; the worms hang on for the ride. These heartworms are slapping the inside walls of your dog’s blood vessels and create damage and scar tissue in these delicate areas.

The sooner your dog is treated and clears the heartworm infestation, the sooner he/she can heal and prevent future scarring and damage to the heart valves and major vessels around the heart.

Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm treatment is not one size fits all. Pet owners want to give the best care to their pets; but most are scared of the disease and simply cannot swing the $1500 estimate they received. Let Acorn Hill Animal Hospital help your pet recover.

If your dog or cat is exhibiting symptoms it is important to schedule an appointment now. Repeatedly, our customers tell us our cost of treatment is cheaper compared to most veterinary hospitals!