Acorn Hill Animal Hospital: 2017 in Review

Wow, another year flew by for our little San Antonio vet clinic. I guess we aren’t so little anymore. This year we introduced two new veterinary staff hires – Malorie and Sarah.

For the first time in our almost 40 year history, Acorn Hill Animal Hospital now has 2 full-time veterinarians. We are so very happy Dr. Stephanie Horstmann joined our veterinary team to help provide compassionate care. Dr. Horstmann has been with us 9 months now! She delivered her second daughter just a few days ago. Congratulations, Dr. H! An awesome new vet position (ahem, ahem) and now two beautiful daughters. A big year for Dr. H!

Our veterinary hospital is now open on Thursdays! For the year preceding Dr. Powell’s purchase of the business, Acorn Hill Animal Hospital had been closed on Thursdays. It made sense to leave Thursdays for administrative tasks (and catch up work). Besides, his wife said it was a good idea to be home sometimes. Happy wife = happy life!

Our vet clinic got a new roof! And boy was it needed. Thank you to all of our great clients who were patient with us during this process. A shout out to Mr. Robbie Thomae with Presidio Roofing. His group delivered a fantastic final product. They had incredible follow up to all of our questions and did an unbelievable job entertaining our insurance carrier. Due to structural regulations, we wound up with a facelift to our building; the front of our veterinary hospital is now almost 2 feet taller! You may remember a clinic Facebook post with my family on a new white roof – yeah, Robbie took that pic for us. Thanks, Robbie!

We still enjoy the privilege of working with the Texas German Shorthair Pointer Rescue. If you see our veterinary team wearing t-shirts, many of those are GSP Rescue fundraiser t-shirts from recent years. This is the first full year we have had the pleasure of working with the Weimaraner Rescue of Texas. Lizz and all of their foster “parents” have been wonderful to work with. Both of these non-profit Rescue Groups provide unbelievable veterinary care and rehabilitation to their furry fosters and they have been a joy to work with. If you are looking for a non-profit organization to support with your year-end contributions, please consider one of these groups.

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and patients who made 2017 and all the years before it so special at Acorn Hill Animal Hospital. It’s still awesome to see clients and patients that I have treated since the year I graduated veterinary school. With their traffic and busy schedules, it’s unbelievable they will still drive across town to see us! We promise to continue serving you and your pets with the most effective, compassionate, and modern veterinary care available.

And finally, I have to thank my amazing staff for dealing with me for yet another year. Not including our 2017 new hires, Amanda, Melissa, Lisa, Mykayla, Kaylea, and Brendon have spent a combined 30 years working with me. Kinda crazy! We finally put their pics on our website.

We wish you and yours a safe and prosperous New Year.  We pray we can continue to serve you and your pets for 2018 and for many more years to come!