Dental Month: San Antonio Pets & Vets


September is pet dental month and our San Antonio veterinarians take oral health seriously. Just like in humans, pets’ oral health is important. We are cutting the prices this month to make sure your pet stays healthy. Contact us and save $35 off your pets dental exam!

Pre-operative examination

Complete pre-operative dental health exam. Our veterinarians will evaluate the following:

  1. Over-arching dental health and assess problem areas
  2. Analyze pre-operative lab work to confirm fitness for anesthesia.
  3. If necessary we will dispense or administer an antibiotic to help treat the dental infection and allow us to more thoroughly clear infection while we are performing the procedure. 

Day of dental procedure

The day of procedure we will place an IV catheter to allow us to administer IV fluids throughout the procedure and other meds if needed for patient comfort and safety. 

We will administer anesthesia with the exact amount of oxygen and anesthetic gas to provide a safe and comfortable anesthesia experience. All of the appropriate monitoring equipment will be connected to obtain full mouth dental x-rays, dental probing and visual exam. This allow us to perform a Complete Oral Evaluation. 

If appropriate, a local nerve block will be administered that will keep the patients affected area of the mouth numb for 8 hours. A technician will perform a complete hygiene cleaning and polish. Dogs will get a fluoride treatment included. 

If extractions are needed, we will surgically extract the diseased teeth, flush any remaining debris/infection from the location, and stitch the surgical extraction site. 


During recovery, patients will be monitored closely and the appropriate post-operative pain medications will be administered or dispensed. 
We will continue to observe your pet for a few hours to make sure he/she is doing well and then provide you with post-op home care instructions and long-term dental health management tips.