Oh, no! No breakfast for Sugar.

Sugar had a meibomian gland mass on her eyelid. Since it was on the margin of her eyelid (the part of the eyelid that directly contacts the surface of her eye), it had the potential to eventually rub and irritate her eye. These eyelid masses are a common finding in many dogs. Like most of dogs with an eyelid mass, we observed the mass for a few months in hopes that eye drops would keep any inflammation down. She developed an intermittent mild conjunctivitis from the mass, but we managed these flare-ups successfully with antibiotic eye drops.

We finally noticed the eyelid mass became a nuisance and the mass started bleeding. Therefore, Dr. Powell elected to surgically removed the mass.

While she was under anesthesia, we went ahead and removed two subcutaneous lipomas from the area of her flank/groin.

Sugar has received much TLC during her period of convalescence and we are proud to report her recovery is going well!