Pet Wellness Exams: San Antonio Pets & Vets

comprehensive pet wellness exams san antonio veterinarian
keeping pets healthy with prevention

Let’s face it, your pets love to hide things from you. They will hide bones, treats or a favorite toy, but what pets are also geared to hide are health problems. Pet wellness exams help expose our sneaky pets.

Why are wellness exams important?

Yearly pet wellness exams as very important. The reason why is simple, prevention. An exam can uncover risks or early warnings of issues to come with your pet. Preventable diseases like obesity, ear infections and dental disease can be addressed, and early screenings for arthritis, diabetes and kidney disease can be performed. The result of these routine exams is early detection and prevention of disease, which means a healthier and longer life for your pet.

What will our San Antonio Veterinarians do in the exam?

Your pet’s wellness exam will consist of a thorough overview of your pet’s health. Furthermore, you can expect the veterinarian will examine teeth, eyes, ears, skin, coat, stomach, neurological, musculoskeletal, as well as, have a listen at the heart and lungs. Finally, any findings or cause for concern will result in a consultation to help get your pet healthy.

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