‘Tis the flea season: San Antonio Pets & Vets

scratching pet‘Tis the season for fleas in south Texas! This time of year our San Antonio veterinarians see a rise in the flea population on our pets. It is, unfortunately, the worst time of year for these critters. The warm temperatures and high humidity are perfect conditions for breeding.

Fleas can cause various problems for pets.  Some animals, for example, are allergic to an allergen in the saliva causing the animal to have an allergic reaction.  This causes the animal to scratch, which could lead to a secondary bacterial skin infection.  If there is a large flea problem, anemia could be a potential problem, especially among small animals that do not have large amounts of blood.  Fleas can also carry diseases such as tapeworms or Bartonella, and infect both pets and humans.

The good news is that our San Antonio veterinarians can help your pets that have become infected with fleas. Our vets will help recommend the appropriate treatment to rid your dog or cat of these blood sucking creatures.

Contact us to set up your appointment so that we can help comfort to your pet!