Sugar goes to Fiesta!

Even if you just moved to San Antonio, you have most likely heard of the craziness that is Fiesta!  This time of year is dominated by bright colors, music, and most of all, fun events.  Fiesta lasts for a week and half each year…and thank goodness for that because if you are an avid partaker in Fiesta, you almost need a vacation after everything is said and done.  Although most people associate the events with just a big 10 day long party, historically Fiesta came about to honor and remember the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. The first Battle of Flowers parade took place in 1890 and this event remains to this day as one of San Antonio’s biggest traditions.  Today, many businesses are actually closed for the parade, which is the second largest parade in the United States.  The only parade larger in size is the Tournament of Roses, which rings in the New Year every first of the year in California.

Here at the clinic we have decorated in true Fiesta fashion, and even some of the staff have gotten in the spirit.  This weekend is the Fiesta Pooch Parade and the King William Fair…both of which Sugar will be attending.  She really is a party animal, that Golden Girl!  We hope everyone has a happy and safe Fiesta weekend…and that you don’t need a week to recover!