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6 Month Heartworm Shot
ProHeart 6 Blog Post

January 20, 2014

Another New Year’s Resolution? Make your life easier! Make your dog healthier!

We are pleased to announce that Acorn Hill Animal Hospital will now be administering the 6 month heartworm injectable ProHeart 6.
– This medication is for DOGS ONLY.
– It is an injection about the same size as a standard rabies vaccine.
– A dose given in the hospital every 6 months will prevent heartworm infection all year-round.
– A 6 month dose is priced very similarly to a 6 month box of the heartworm chewy pills.

When given on schedule, this is guaranteed to prevent against heartworm infections. For this guarantee, the manufacturer requires negative heartworm tests on file at the time of the first injection and at the time of the 6 month follow-up injection. To serve you better, we will provide a FREE heartworm test when you visit 6 months later for the second injection. This is a $25 value! *Free heartworm test offer expires July 31,2014.*

One additional note – this does NOT prevent against fleas.

For any questions, do not hesitate to call, contact us via the link on the left side of our website, or drop by.

For more information on Canine Heartworm Disease check out the links below:

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ProHeart 6 (Moxidectin)

Thank you for your continued trust in our hospital!
– Dr. Clint Powell and Staff