Windy conditions and pets | San Antonio Pets & Vets

dog in the wind

San Antonio just experienced a norther that brought chilly air and very gusty strong winds. The windy conditions can pose harm to your outdoor pets. The wind doesn’t usually bother us humans as we can simply pull the wind breaker on and head indoors. But what about our outdoor pets? How do they handle the wind like we experienced last weekend?

Owners need to pay attention to how their pets react to the wind. Many things we take for granted that might scare a dog or make them react in different ways or worse…get injured.

Here are some points to ponder so you can monitor how your outdoor pet handles the next big wind storm.

How well does your pet handle windy conditions?

First, with windy conditions comes debris flying around the yard. Whether it is tree limbs falling or yard debris getting picked up and tossed around, your dog is in harms way. Being low to the ground, animals are susceptible to being hit by flying debris. It is important to secure loose items to avoid your dog getting hit.

Second, with the wind comes more smells. We all know dogs like to sniff around but the extra smells can either cause them to investigate or make them very nervous. Investigation could lead them out of the yard lost and in harms way. If they seem nervous, they could be picking up an unfamiliar smell.

Third, sounds are abound with the howling wind. Not only is the wind howling, debris is bouncing, the trees are cracking and leaves are making rustling noises. All things that your outdoor buddy may not be used to.

Finally, the wind will pick up a lot of dust, dirt and pollen. All things that can irritate the eyes and ears. If you notice that their eyes are red or that they are scratching their ears more than normal, you may want to give us a call. They could have excess debris in either or both, or they could be suffering from allergy irritants. If this is the case, contact us and we can definitely check your pet out.

Final Thought

In conclusion, it is best to keep your outdoor pet out of harms way and bring them indoors. Coming indoors helps avoid your pet getting hurt or overly anxious during our wind storms. Take a look at our Blog page for other pet tips.